• All outstanding fees, fines and missing library books from previous school years must be paid along with current fees before a permit can be purchased.

• Parking permits are required to park on school grounds and are issued only to juniors and seniors. If space becomes available after the first semester, sophomores may be allowed to buy a parking permit dependent upon GPA, attendance and respectful and responsible behavior. Specifics will be announced if space becomes available.

• Vehicles must be registered in order to park on campus. Permit fees are $10.00 per person.
Permits are not transferable.

• Permit cards will be placed on the rear view mirror.

• Proof of insurance and registration will be required to purchase a permit. No exceptions! If you have temporary plates a temporary parking permit will be issued

• All traffic signs and markings on campus must be obeyed. Excessive speeds will result in a fine and loss of campus parking privileges.

• Careless or inappropriate driving behavior in the parking lot can result in a fine and or loss of parking privileges.

• Parking tickets will only be adjusted ONLY within the first two weeks of a new quarter.

• Sound systems may not be played excessively loud in parking areas.

• Parking fees totaling a dollar amount owing of $40.00 will result in a written warning by an administrator issued to the student. Further violations will result in loss of parking privileges and/or parking lot trash clean up.


Parking in Staff Designed Parking $25.00
Parking in "Visitor Parking" area $25.00
Unauthorized sophomore parking $25.00
Students will be ticketed for littering $25.00
Improperly Parked $10.00
Parking in a "NO PARK" area
(handicap, hydrants or fire zone)
Parking in "Wildcat of the Month" or R/R spot $10.00
Parking without a student parking sticker $10.00
Fraudulently obtained sticker $10.00 (giver and receiver)