• All outstanding fees, fines and missing library books from previous school years must be paid along with current fees before a permit can be purchased.

• Parking permits are required to park on school grounds.

• Vehicles must be registered in order to park on campus. Permit fees are $15 per person.
Permits are not transferable.

• Permits are to be placed on the rear view mirror.

• Proof of insurance and registration are required to purchase a permit. No exceptions! If you have temporary plates a temporary parking permit will be issued

• All traffic signs and markings on campus must be obeyed. Excessive speeds will result in a fine and loss of campus parking privileges.

• Careless or inappropriate driving behavior in the parking lot can result in a fine and or loss of parking privileges.

• Parking tickets will only be adjusted ONLY within the first two weeks of a new quarter.

• Sound systems may not be played excessively loud in parking areas.

• Excessive Parking fees will result in a conference with an administrator. Further violations will result in parking lot trash clean up and/or loss of parking privileges.


Parking in Staff Designed Parking $25.00
Parking in "Visitor Parking" area $25.00
Unauthorized sophomore parking $25.00
Students will be ticketed for littering $25.00
Improperly Parked $10.00
Parking in a "NO PARK" area
(handicap, hydrants or fire zone)
Parking in "Wildcat of the Month" or R/R spot $10.00
Parking without a student parking sticker $10.00
Fraudulently obtained sticker $10.00 (giver and receiver)