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Greetings Wildcat Community,

Mandated State Testing for 2021: All Sophomores will take the PSAT (practice SAT) April 14th and all Juniors will take the SAT on April 13th and the CMAS Science Exam on April 14th. CMAS and PSAT/SAT are standardized measuring tools for Colorado students. While state assessments are only one measure of student learning, having all Colorado students take this set of assessments provides parents with answers to these important questions:

·         Did my child meet the state standards?

·         How well is my child doing compared to other students?

·         Which schools and districts perform best in preparing students for academic success?

·         Which districts have the best performance on the state assessments for children with special needs?

Additionally, state assessment results provide:

·         Information districts can use, in combination with other district information, to evaluate programs.

·         Information educators need to help improve instruction.

·         Identification of districts and schools that have struggling students, so help can be provided.

·         Recognition of high performing systems so others may learn from them.

For additional state assessment information, you can select this link Colorado Department of Education Fact SheetWe will continue to update you on our plan for administering both the PSAT for 10th graders and the SAT/CMAS exams for 11th graders in the near future.


Todd McClaskey, Principal

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