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Message From the Principal
The Board of Education has approved more than 8 million dollars in funds to begin major renovations at FMHS! After months of planning and design work, construction will begin in March. The much needed upgrades will provide improved security, a central corridor, several updated and renovated classrooms, a redesigned north parking lot along with a main entrance and central corridor that we can all be proud of. If you’ve ever done renovations to your home while you are living in it, you will understand that with these exciting improvements to the school, there will be some inconvenience and discomfort that come with living in a construction zone. While the short-term discomfort of construction will have an impact for the next several months, the improvements to the campus will have a lasting impact on students and community for decades. Thanks to everyone for his or her input, support and adaptability. I will be providing updates on a regular basis as we move forward through this process.

Over the past month, District 51 has assembled a team to assess the current status of the high school math curriculum and to work with various stakeholders to revise/enhance what we are offering. The consensus was for high school math to change from an integrated curriculum (Math 1,2 and 3) back to a traditional curriculum (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2). For more information on this decision and the transition from integrated to traditional courses, click here

Counselors met with all students in February during individual career and academic planning sessions to finalize their schedule. If you have any questions regarding your student’s schedule, do not hesitate to contact the counseling office at 254-6600.

It is hard to believe it but when we come back from spring break, we will be down to 37 days of instruction for our graduating seniors! Please be watching our website for more details and important dates for Seniors. 

Todd McClaskey, Principal


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