Computer Club

As of 2019-2020:
Sponsor: Robin Sommerville
President: Chantelle Bizer
Vice-President:Simon Fedderson

Meeting days are Friday during lunchtime in room 203. No computer experience is required to join. We are commonly found using a raspberry PIs,  troubleshooting technological problems, and decoding binary for fun. We will be doing some cool stuff throughout the year. 

Our 2018-2019 pictures:

CGC Officers

Officers in order from left to right:
Will Samuels, Simon Feddersen, Ky Like, Chantelle Bizer, and Braden Hobbs.

CGC Groups Photo

Group picture from left to right:
Chantelle Bizer, Braden Hobbs, Caleb Nicolas, Cheryl Wikie, Warren Drapeau, Will Samuels, Ky Like, Simon Feddersen, Brian Cohee, Abe Morrow, and Max Belshe on the bottom.

CGC Halloween

The 2016 CGC Trunk or Treat (People from left to right: Marshal McCurdy (VP), Logan Allen, Gina Sabo, Cyrus Duncan (President), Tori Hasty, Tseveendorj Sarulutaya, and Matt)