Web Design Specialists

Simon Feddersen
(I enjoy working on and building computers)
Simon Feddersen
Working: Aug 15 20
18- Present
Website Commander: Feb 15 2019 - Present

Items Worked on: 

       - Clubs and Organizations Fine Detail
       - Calendar Update
       - Upcoming Events
       - Newsletter maintenance

(I'm a dancer, and I'm on the left side kneeling down)
Chantelle Bizer

Working: January 8, 2019 - When you're reading this
Co-Web Commander

Items Worked On:
          - Clubs and Organizations
          - Departments fine details
(I enjoy playing baseball)
Averey Copeland 
Working: Aug 8 20
19- Present

Items Worked on: 


(Building computers is fun, I guess)
Andy Hendershot
Working: Aug 13
- Present

Items Worked on: