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Text Box: Student Senate  Bringing what you want to your school

Who We Are and What We Do

Student Senate is a group of students who are dedicated to setting up dances, organizing drives, doing community service, serving the school, and making school fun. They organize four main dances including Homecoming, Wild West, White Nights, and Prom. The events associated with those dances like Spirit Days and the bonfire are also organized by Student Senate. Graduation is another event they organize. Each student also has a personal goal to improve the school. A typical day in senate might include making posters, advertising events, organizing events, participating in team building and leadership activities, working on personal goals, or business meetings.

To reach your senate representatives, you can come to Room 409 during second period or you can contact us at Vanessa.Hayward@d51schools.org

Feel free to ask us any questions pertaining to what we do, current events, or things you would like to see happen around the school.

Thank you!


Senate Sponsors: Vanessa Hayward and Amy Sexe